Questions and Answers

These are the most commonly asked questions. If you have a question or concern not listed here, you are welcome to email it.

What do I need to play the Rhetts game?

How much does it cost to play the Rhetts game?

How can Rhetts be good for school age children and teenagers?

Why would I want to spend $5 per month to play Rhetts when there are other free word games on the internet?

What makes Rhetts more enjoyable to play than other word games and other non-word games?

Can I block and turn off annoying chat from other players in any game and permanently turn off the chat feature to protect my child as well?

Are there any words I can and cannot use?

I really enjoy playing the game, though I would like to suggest a new feature to make the game even better for me. Do you accept suggestions? When will new features be added?

Does the Rhetts game provide any other features not seen on the videos?

Is there a downloadable Rhetts free or paid "APP" (application) required and available for smart phones and tablets?

Why was the 1989 Rhetts game delayed for over 25 years?


Q:What do I need to play the Rhetts game?
A: It is highly advised for a player to use a larger computer device with a larger screen which would include larger size tablets and stationary personal home based computers. For many people, using a mouse to move the letters on a stationary computer may be faster and easier than on a tablet. However, if a person has access to both a tablet and a stationary computer, it is recommended to play the Rhetts game on both devices to see what device is best for game play. For tablet use, using a stylus to drag and drop letters is recommended.

The game is not designed for smart phones, and there is no future plan to develop the game for smart phones either. This is because a smart phone is way too small to properly fit, see, and easily work with the entire player's word making area.

To prevent most lost internet connection problems to the gaming website, a player is also highly advised to use high speed internet that has a continuous and strong signal which is not experiencing any major connectivity problems. It is the player's sole responsibility to supply the correct computer device and fully functioning internet service to access the Rhetts game. It is highly advised for new players to access the game with the computer devices and internet service they have currently, during the 3-Day Trial period, to see if they have the necessary computer device and internet service to play and enjoy the game.

Rhetts works and plays the best and fastest with internet browsers Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome. Rhetts also has the best appearance and lay out on these same internet browsers.


Q:How much does it cost to play the Rhetts game?
A: It only cost $5 a month or $50 a year for 24/7 game play without any advertising.  

Your online payment will be made with PayPal, the world leader in safe, private, and secure financial transactions. 

There are no contracts and no commitments of any kind. You can quit the service and stop the credit card billing at any time for any reason, with no questions asked.

For all new players, the first three (3) days is a trial or test period. A 3-Day Unconditional Trial Refund is given to players who are not satisfied for any reason and who request account termination during their first 3 days after registration.

Returning former players are ineligible for the trial refund.

If any new player wants to discontinue game play and receive a 3-Day Trial refund for any reason, then that player will receive a full refund with no questions asked and no hassles and delays either.

To get a trial period refund, the player needs to write to during their first three (3) days (72 hours) after they registered by using the same email address they used for registration. In the email, the trial refund requesting player is required to a) request termination of their account along with b) requesting a refund. They are also required to provide their full name for identification purposes.

There are no reminders, no warnings and no notifications that the 3-Day Trial period is almost over nor already ended. It is the sole responsibility of the new game player to know when their 3-Day Trial will end and to act in a timely manner if they plan on terminating the game service and to receive a trial refund. It is highly advised to try out the game on the very first day, and if the game is not satisfying for any reason, to make the trial refund request on that same exact first day, so it is not forgotten. This will prevent a declined refund situation resulting from procrastination.

There are no refunds given after the 3-Day Trial period.

After the 3-Day Trial period, the player may cancel billing and game play at any time for any reason. To do so, they are required to email in a request to terminate their account and to stop all future credit card payments. A player may also stop all future credit payments from their PayPal account.

To pay monthly recurring credit card payments, you need to be a PayPal member. PayPal is a great, long-lasting, and free online service providing financial safety, privacy, and security for over 150 million people all over the world. For non-PayPal members, PayPal instant signup is available while paying for the Rhetts game service. All you have to do right away is to enter your email address and a well jumbled/protective passcode, that's it. You can complete the rest of your new Paypal account short questions at any another time.

You can also immediately stop and cancel your recurring payments anytime 24/7, without contacting Atlantic Games LLC, if you have a PayPal account.  This is just one good reason to have Paypal, along with the widespread protection you will get with all other vendors online.

If you stop the credit card billing from your PayPal account, then your game log in access will not work anymore soon after.

If you do not want to be a PayPal member, then only the 1-Year membership or longer is available. Payment may be made by postal mailed in check or money order, and by an emailed, filled out, and signed PDF credit card form. Payment can also be done by telephone. Offline credit card payments are processed through Bank of America which also provides safe, private, and secure financial payments.

There could be a brief delay to see if the check or money order has sufficient funds. Game play service may also be terminated if the check or money order does not have sufficient funding.

For those not familiar with the game and may doubt long term enjoyment of the game, the monthly service is recommended.

For those postal mailing in a one year or longer payment, they are also entitled to a 3-Day Trial. The 3 trial days (72 hours) begins after the activation email is sent.


Q:How can Rhetts be good for school age children and teenagers?
A:Playing the Rhetts game would be a very positive, educational, enjoyable and safe activity for children. Rhetts provides a much better alternative than any existing harmful activity, harmful entertainment, harmful game, and harmful website in some children's lives.

Rhetts provides online safety with parental chat communication controls, where chat communications can be turned off permanently to prevent any and all forms of potential harmful online chat from strangers.

Besides being a very fun and enjoyable word game for everybody, the Rhetts word game could motivate some children to learn more outside of the game. Word making is also educational, mixed in with a very fun game process that could motivate more and more learning in an enjoyable way. Rhetts could make the English language more interesting and fascinating to some kids, which could result in more reading, writing, and learning of all sorts. One example would be for children to explore and learn new words that start with and use the letters “Z, Q, X, J, V and W” to be able to form more words instead of being stuck with seemingly unusable letters.

Having a good vocabulary base and knowing proper spelling are needed to play well and to win more often in Rhetts. A child could be motivated to expand their vocabulary base, spelling and word knowledge to play and win more in Rhetts.

There is no guarantee that Rhetts will have an educational benefit for any child. However, with the word forming and potential vocabulary educational elements in the game, trying Rhetts out for a few months is something worth doing.


Q:Why would I want to spend $5 per month to play Rhetts when there are other free word games on the internet?
A:There are 3 major reasons:

1. Rhetts is a much better word game than those other so-called “free” games online. It is well worth $5 to play a much better and more enjoyable game than playing some other less or much less enjoyable free word game. But do not just believe this Rhetts claim, see for yourself and play the Rhetts 3-Day Trial. Rhetts was designed to remove the existing problems, flaws, complaints, limitations and weaknesses of all other word games.

2. Those other “free” games are not truly really free. Though you do not pay a financial price, you pay a higher psychological price of being endlessly disturbed, annoyed, delayed and interrupted with video and banner advertisements. This is the major reason many millions of people pay for cable movie channels instead of watching “free” television channels to watch movies, to avoid many disturbing, annoying, endless, discomfort of television advertisements. Non-stop enjoyment is well worth a small monthly fee to avoid continuous advertising discomfort of any sort. The same is true for pay satellite radio as an alternative to “free” land based radio stations flooded with endless annoying advertisements. For many millions of satellite radio customers, it is well worth a small monthly fee to enjoy non-stop music without endless, disturbing, annoying, interrupting, advertising discomfort from so-called “free” radio as well.

3. With many of those so-called "free" games, you can only play by yourself. In Rhetts, you can play by yourself and with other people.

This gaming site needs funds to operate each month for technical support, management costs, and future software improvements too, all since there is no advertisement funds supporting it, it cannot be offered for free. It’s better to play a great game for $5 each month then to watch many hours of video ads and advertisement banners for free each month. You pay a little and get a whole lot, it’s well worth it. Try the 3-Day Trial game play to discover the great $5 entertainment value for yourself.


Q:What makes Rhetts more enjoyable to play than other word games and other non-word games?
A:Rhetts has many more enjoyable elements than all other word games. Rhetts has much more flexibility to form words compared to those cross-word puzzle-like games. For example, too often in cross-word puzzle-like games, a player will have the letters for a certain word or words, yet cannot use those words as they will not work with and not fit the current crossword puzzle. Also, games like that have less skill based points and more luck based points, such as your opponent gaining so many extra bonus points by simply placing a low point word on a lucky square, or by using a rare and lucky letter such as X or Z to form a very short word gaining overly easy bonus points.

Rhetts also has more interesting ways to score points than other word games which include forming longer words, forming words of the same shape or color, using all of one's letters, and finding incorrect words in other players' hands. Rhetts scoring is way more fair than other word games too. The Rhetts "Challenge" feature to dispute the correctness of other players' words is a very unique scoring feature in itself.

Besides Rhetts being a much better word game than others, Rhetts is also a more enjoyable and better brainstorming game than many non-word games as well.

Try the 3-Day Trial offer to experience the many enjoyable and positive gaming elements and features that Rhetts provides.


Q:Can I block and turn off annoying chat from other players in any game and permanently turn off the chat feature to protect my child as well?
A:Yes, you can easily and quickly turn chat off permanently and long term or just for a particular game if another player becomes annoying.  A parent can deactivate the chat communication feature on their Rhetts account, then give their child access to play the game while removing the risk of their child being exposed to harmful chat. The Rhetts profiles prevent any posting of pictures and other personal identification which also protects children. Review the Terms of Service to review all of the policies that are designed to protect children.


Q:Are there any words I can and cannot use?
A:It is highly advised for all players to use common long standing English words that the general public uses at home, recreation, and at work. It is highly advised to use commonly used, commonly known, and long standing older words. Never use words that you would never see in a newspaper, not hear on television, and do not use very new words in the language.

The following types of words will be deemed incorrect in the Solo game and incorrect if challenged by another player in a multiplayer game: a) Slang words, b) proper names, c) one or two letter words, and d) industry specific jargon words. Review the downloadable PDF file gaming guide for word restriction details.


Q:I really enjoy playing the game, though I would like to suggest a new feature to make the game even better for me. Do you accept suggestions? When will new features be added?
A:Yes, current and active registered players may submit suggestions and ways to improve the Rhetts game. If a suggested new feature is considered beneficial by management and if very large numbers of players desire that same particular newly suggested feature that you desire as well, then that new feature will be developed and put into a future version of the Rhetts game. Software programming is very expensive and time consuming, and that is just one reason a monthly fee is needed to develop an improved Rhetts game of the future. There has to be definite great need and high demand for any new feature or functionality to be installed in a future Rhetts game version.


Q:Does the Rhetts game provide any other features not seen on the videos?
A:Yes, there are more features and functions not seen on the home page video and "Rules" page tutorial video. All game elements not seen in both videos are seen in the downloadable Rhetts Guide and Rules PDF file which is located on the “Game Rules” page. Download and review that PDF file so you know of all of the many enjoyable gaming elements that are in the Rhetts game. Better yet, try the 3-Day Trial offer to explore everything the Rhetts game has to offer.

***The shapes, colors, text, and cards look much better, sharper, clearer, brighter, bigger and richer in the actual live game than what you see in the video, in which the image quality was greatly diminished from the video transferring and editing process. Also, when you play the game, you will not see the copyright notice in the lower left hand corner that is seen in the video.


Q:Is there a downloadable Rhetts free or paid "APP" (application) required and available for smart phones and tablets?
A:No, there is not. As mentioned before, the Rhetts game is currently not designed for smart phones. The Rhetts game website has all of the needed software and programming to make the game fully playable on tablets, without downloading anything. There are no immediate and pending plans for a future downloadable application either.


Q:Why was the 1989 Rhetts game delayed for over 25 years?
A:Soon after Barry Tenser created the Rhetts game in February 1989, his life encountered unexpected and major social, economic, and other life changes and challenges which put the Rhetts game in cold storage indefinitely. By the time Barry Tenser had the time, energy, and availability to resume the Rhetts game efforts in 2003, the world had dramatically changed, and the vast majority of successful and popular games were electronic, computer, and website based games mostly in place of classic home based non-electronic games which the Rhetts game was. Barry did not have the necessary funds to develop such a very expensive project such as Rhetts at the time. Due to the extremely high software development costs, the game was forced to remain in cold storage indefinitely again. Ten years later in 2013, the number of software development firms in the world had greatly increased, resulting in fierce worldwide competition, which has greatly reduced the costs to develop all forms of software. After using a popular talent for hire website, Barry finally had a choice of many affordable and quality software development firms to choose from. In late 2013, the effort to develop the internet Rhetts game began.